Thurston County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas (1,550+ ft) and three areas (1,540+ ft)

Date: October 3, 2004
Author: Bill Schuler

From the intersection of state Highway 9 and CR S87A, just west of the town of Thurston, zero odometer.

0.0   Highway 9 and S87A - go north on Highway 9.
4.0   D Avenue, gravel - turn left (west).
5.0   15th Road - turn left (south).
5.3   Crest in the road.

High point #1 is alongside the road. A cement enclosed manhole cover stamped "Wagner Manufacturing Co." is the highest thing in the area. Small areas, one at 0.2 mile southeast is #2 and one at 0.1 mile west-southwest is #3. Both looked lower. To get permission from the owner, go to 341 15th Road just downhill from the high point. Return to D Avenue.

5.6   D Avenue - go straight ahead (north).
7.6   B Avenue at the county line - turn left (west).
8.0   Crest in the road - park.

Hike to the high point 0.2 mile south for #4. Then continue driving straight ahead.

8.2   Crest in the road - park.

Hike to the high point just 0.1 mile south for #5. Continue driving straight ahead (west).

8.6   Junction of B Avenue and 14 Road - go straight (west).
8.7   Crest in the road just beyond a farmhouse - park.

High point #6 seems to be alongside the road.