Wayne County High Point Trip Report

Dates: December 26, 1996 and December 24, 1997
Author: David Olson

Near Randolph NE, I went looking for the HP of Wayne county, 1900+ feet. I had problems with unplowed "minimum maintenance" roads. One can also get there by going 3 miles west of Sholes, then 1 mile south. When I got out to hike the two near the corners of sections 7 & 8 I faced cold, snow and a harsh wind. From the top of the section 8 hill I could see over the top of the other two areas, so I decided to not hike to the HP area in the center of section 17. Unfortunately the map does not confirm that "look over the top."

I revisited this HP a year later and hiked out to the section 17 HP area. Unfortunately low visibility and bad weather prevented my "sighting back" to the section 8 hill.