York County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 12, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

From York, Nebraska, drive west on US 34 to the Hamilton/York county line. Turn right (north) on a dirt road (signed as Road A in York County, and Road Z in Hamilton County) and drive north for 6.25 miles. Just after crossing the intersection with Road 20, watch for an irrigation well out in the field on the east side of the road. This spot is not very prominent, but the highest area appears to be right at the well head out in this field (40.9769 deg N, 97.8233 deg W).

The second area is another 0.3 mile north along this same road, and extends from the center of the road out into the field to the east. I could not locate BM 1783 which is shown on the topo map on the west side of the road opposite a line of trees. Since the west edge of the road is in Hamilton County, you should concentrate on the east (York County) side of the road anyway.

This is a fairly large area with virtually no prominence. I wasn't able to decide which area is higher, so be sure to visit both to claim this county.