Belknap County Highpoint Trip Report

Belknap Mtn (2,382 ft)

Date: June 21, 2008
Authors: SueAnn Miller and Frank Price

We report a newer trail that is not mentioned in previous reports and emphasize the option of making this a loop hike.

Having traveled to Intervale, NH to pick up Frank's latest Limmers during the final days of (motor) Biker Week, which is centered in Laconia, we were happy to get to the trailhead and away from the busy highways. At the trailhead we found that Belknap is one of several NH fire tower summits that offers multiple short trails of varying length and steepness. Information on the cabin at the trailhead explains an arrangement like ski trails - beginner, intermediate, advanced - but the colors on this mountain are blue trail (0.9 mile), red trail (0.8 mile) and green trail (0.7 mile). There is also a longer white trail but that trailhead is elsewhere down the road.

Favoring loop hikes, we chose to ascend on the green trail and descend on the red trail. Information at the trailhead warns that the green trail is steep and advises not to use it as a route down. In June the open bedrock was dry and made a nice, natural sidewalk the day we hiked but, if autumn leaves covered those inclined and wet surfaces, the advice would be appropriate. The red trail appears to be the newest and is the only one listed in Delorme, but the roots, mud and small rocks were more obnoxious footing for the short walk down than the dry slabs of the green trail would have been.

None of the trails are difficult, so pick two and enjoy.