Carroll County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: October 23, 2006
Author: Chip Clark

Another business trip to Boston and, since I was only 138 miles from the Carroll NH CoHP (does any other business traveler consider that "nearby"?), I decided to head on up.

Despite previous trip reports, I found the Drakes Brook Trail beautiful. The leaves were already down, just the hemlocks and spruces to provide contrast. I found a stout birch pole to help vault the Drakes Brook, though not all in one swoop. At one point about 1.5 miles in, there was a beautiful view east through the arching birch trees, and 10-15 foot waterfalls on the brook. Patches of snow started at 1700 feet. By the time I reached the summit of Sandwich Mountain, just shy of 4,000 feet, the snow was about four inches deep.

The view? Well, we've all been inside a cloud. This one had rocks, trees, and snow as well. I bushwhacked south through the herd trails and thick spruces until the drop off hit. No county line markers to be seen.

I returned the same way, with a spruce trekking pole to help stay upright on the slippery slope.