Carroll County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 13, 2008
Author: Don Desrosiers

Parked at the trailhead on NH 49 as per previous trip reports. Took Drakes Brook Trail going up which was fine until I got to Drakes Brook. The rain had made the brook fairly high and it took some logistics to get both dogs to the other side. Trying to carry a squirming 55 pound dog across this torrent was "interesting". The smaller dog did not want to be carried either but the current kept washing her off her route. Eventually got all three of us to the other side with me the wettest.

Kept at it until I got to the main Sandwich Mountain Trail where I went left for the remaining mile plus to the top. At the top I wandered to the south and southwest to ensure hitting the county line. With the recent rains, the undergrowth was thicker than usual. Eventually declared victory.

Came back down Sandwich Mountain Trail which was probably a mistake. While shorter, it is definitely steeper and my previous trips up this hill had always been via Drakes Brook Trail. When we finally got to Drakes Brook (almost back to the parking lot), the brook was not so much high as it had whitecaps on it. We bushwhacked to NH 49 rather than cross.

A shade less than 4 hours round trip.