Cheshire County High Point Trip Report

Monadnock Mtn (3,165 ft)

Date: February 29, 2004
Author: Brennan Connelly

Climbed Monadnock on an abnormally warm February day (40 F at the summit at 11:00 am). The White Dot Trail is by far the most expedient route to the summit. Crampons are highly recommended when there is snow as the route gets very icy. It is also recommended to go at off-peak times as this is now unofficially the most climbed mountain in the world (Fuji now has vehicular access), and the parking lot fills very quickly, even in winter.

Trip statistics - Class 2; 4.5 miles; 1,800 feet of gain.

GPS-derived coordinates (datum??) - (42° 51.671' N, 72° 6.555'W), elevation 3,165 10 ft.