Hillsborough County High Point Trip Report

Pack Monadnock Mtn

Date: May 3, 2003
Author: Mohamed Ellozy

Most people either drive or hike to the HP from the south (Route 101). For those with more time a longer route from the north may be used.

From Route 101 just east of Wilton take Route 31 north for 6.4 miles. Take a left on Gulf Road (dirt) crossing the rails and a stream. Then at the first fork take a left on Mountain Road (Old Mountain Road on maps, plain Mountain Road on current sign). Proceed to an area with a large pull-out on the right (north). There are many signs on the north side of the road saying "Do not park on roadway", and on the south side many "No parking this side" signs. Sorry for lack of odometer readings.

From there follow the Wapack Trail (yellow triangular blazes, very well blazed) over North Pack Monadnock, down into a col, and up to the main Pack Monadnock peak. It is 4.0 miles each way according to the guidebook (signs say 3.7 miles), about 2,000 feet of total elevation gain.