Hillsborough County Highpoint Trip Report

Pack Monadnock Mtn (2,280+ ft)

Date: March 7, 2004
Author: Brennan Connelly

I followed Mohamed Elozy's report using the Wapack Trail from the north. His lack of odometer readings didn't hinder my finding the trailhead which is tough to miss, as there are no other pullouts on Mountain Road.

The trail is blazed with yellow triangles the entire duration. The trail starts at spot elevation 1314 feet and climbs to the summit of North Pack Monadnock (2,276 ft) in 1.8 miles. From there, the trail drops to the saddle between the Packs to a low of 1,780 ft near the Nature Conservancy boundary.

The area around the tower on Pack seems to be the highest. There is an NH DOT marker at the base, but I could not find any USGS markers. On the way back, I highly recommend the cliff trail loop, as it is more scenic and much rougher than the easy Wapack trail.

Sure, you could drive to the top, but that's cheating!

The round trip is approximately 4 miles with a bit more than 2,000 ft of gain. The trail tends to be extremely icy in shady spots during winter.

GPS-derived coordinates (NAD27 datum):

(42° 54.030' N, 71° 52.395' W) elevation 1,314 ft - trailhead
(42° 53.156' N, 71° 51.961' W) elevation 2,276 ft - North Pack Monadnock
(42° 51.698' N, 71° 52.703' W) elevation 2,298 ft - Pack Monadnock