Hillsborough County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 7, 2005
Author: Roy Schweiker

One bump is a ledge right under the fire tower, which has several survey markers. This is the traditional summit although as mentioned it may not be the highest. The 2nd ledge is closer to north from this; it is under a picnic table adjacent to the widest parking area. It is only a few feet from the first bump but not directly visible due to brush. The 3rd ledge is north across the road and east of the gravel path, behind the stone lean-to. Interestingly, the new 7.5 quad doesn't show either the road loop or the lean-to, both of which are over 50 years old.

I hiked up there today using the Raymond Trail from the west, a little-used trail with free parking for 3 cars at the trailhead. About 0.3 mile west of the state park entrance at the height-of-land on NH Route 101, turn north on East Mountain Road and continue 0.9 mile to the trailhead on the right. The trail starts out in piney woods and climbs over a knoll before beginning the main ascent. Maybe half a mile up, the trail descends right to cross a brook, then after some side-hill and another downhill it turns uphill near another brook. It crosses the blue-blazed west park boundary at a stone wall, then turns left and climbs gradually to the northern park boundary. After a gentle ascent near the boundary, the climb gets steeper and involves scrambling over some large angular boulders. After a short respite, there is more boulder hopping to some flattish rock slabs on the main ridge. Turn right and follow the red blazes of the summit loop or continue ahead a short distance to the north viewpoint and then follow the wide gravel path right to the parking lot. The fire tower is inside the road loop. Parking to summit, about 1.6 miles and 1100 feet of elevation gain, 100 feet on return.

To find the Raymond Trail going down, follow the gravel path to the north viewpoint and look for a trail sign hidden in brush to the left. Go down the slab to the west and a short ways down where you cross the red-blazed trail there is white paint on the rock marking the way.

While at the top, I went to the Boston viewpoint (but the city was hidden in haze) and checked out the start of the Spruce Knoll Spur to the Temple town HP. I did not go over as I was just there last winter.