Rockingham County High Point Trip Report

Nottingham Mtn (3 points are 1,340+ ft)

Date: July 11, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

This is an update of Fred Lobdell's 1997 report, with a slightly different approach. From the junction of US4/US202/NH9 with NH 28, go east on 4/202/9 about 1.6 miles and turn right onto Center Hill Road. At 2.9 miles go right (south) onto Mountain Road. Bear left at fork at 3.6 miles onto Tarleton Road. Pass through lockable gate and at 3.8 miles reach a parking area on the left. Beyond this point a high clearance vehicle could go at least half way to spot elevation 1191 feet.

See Fred's report for trail description and bushwhack instructions. I found the stone chimney near the third highpoint area, and concur that the bumps near there are considerably higher than the two smaller areas passed en route. The good track road near the summit apparently leads to the south, and would provide an easier, but maybe longer route to the summit, and avoid the ugly bushwhacking. Somebody local needs to investigate its southern terminus. On my return, I unintentionally bypassed the two small highpoint areas to the northwest, apparently to their west, and had to trust my compass during the steep downhill bushwhack, always staying slightly west of north. This worked out well, as I rejoined the approach road west of and below spot elevation 1191, totally avoiding the climb back to spot elevation 1191 from the Nottingham/spot elevation 1191 saddle. Deer flies were brutal. Hike up took 1:00, and 0:50 return.