Rockingham County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 2, 2004
Author: Alan Flint

I took the standard approach through the Epsom Town Forest. Since the gate was closed, I parked just a few hundred feet back at the Tarleton Road turn. Parking further up would require blocking the gate or leaving your car on the end of someone's backyard, it seemed.

I don't have a lot to add to the details of previous reports, except to say that the bushwhack up from the col to the northernmost of the three point was extremely straight-forward. It will be obvious to you when you want to leave the road in the col, as it switched back sharply toward 1191. There are several subtle herd/game paths in there, and the woods (mainly birches) are very open. I saw an occasional axe blaze, pink flag, and white paint mark, but you can easily pick your own route if you wish. The three points are more or less connected by ATV trail, though you need to turn left at a junction to reach the third (with stone chimney and outhouse).