Rockingham County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 16, 2005
Author: Dave Covill

I hate to add more reports to a lengthy list but this is a quick tidbit. We drove from Rochester NH to the TH mentioned previously. We walked the road, curved up, and found the highpoints, and beat it out at 5:05PM, just as complete dark was upon us.

What is important are two items. First, we met the local owner whose house you park by at the gate to the Town Forest TH. His name is Ron Fone, and he is totally fine with leaving cars right there at the gate, no problem. In the summer, he said many hikers come there. It is town property or R-O-W or something.

Second, we were able to hand level using my 5X level and the furthest south, and largest, contour appears to be the highest. It is not absolute but, due to the dwindling light, I would say it is likely to be highest by 5+/- feet. The leaves were, of course, off the trees but there are some evergreens which block the sight-line in spots. Hard to say and you will need to cross over the first two to get to the third anyway.

The road was an inclined hockey rink; totally full of ice and we walked in the woods alongside it as best as we could. Bring traction devices if coming in the winter. It took us about 60 minutes up and maybe 40 down. We made good time, considering the ice. We spent about 10 minutes roaming the 3 spots. We used a map in the mailbox 100 yards into the hike and left it there upon descent. It was interesting, although not necessary. It did not show the entire route but did show stone walls along the sides of the old road, which was useful.

The home owner had mentioned that the road went all the way to the Nottingham summit and we did see a road near the third contour bump, which may have been the road we had left in the 1,191 col curving back around the northeast side of the main summit. Someone with a spare 5-10 minutes could check this out, although we had darkness falling quickly and beat a hasty retreat.