Rockingham County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 18, 2006
Author: Roy Schweiker

More like a November hike with bare frozen ground and ice patches but very little snow.

Parked at snowdrift at end of plowing on Tarlton Road just beyond last houses. A sign from last year indicates road may be gated for mud until May 15. Follow road to near col with 1191, find faint trail with old white blazes which I follow off and on over the 3 summit bumps.

The ATV trail from the chimney has a branch that runs west of the middle summit and hooks up to the north summit where it ends, the main trail swings back south. An SUV and pickup arrived at the summit after I left. I probably should have gone back and asked where that road started but didn't think of it. Next time somebody with a GPS wants to climb that peak, maybe I can arrange a car spot and we'll get a track log.

The Town Forest map shows a trail down from 1191 but, while I found several beaten paths, I didn't see any markers and finally just bushwhacked down. Saw a flock of maybe 15 turkeys walking the back road.