Strafford County High Point Trip Report

on Copple Crown Mtn (1,700+ ft)

Date: August 6, 1998
Author: Fred Lobdell

The summit of Copple Crown Mountain is in Carroll County. Strafford County's high point is where the county line crosses the west ridge of the mountain.

Copple Crown Mountain is also the site of a now abandoned ski area. The approach given here may be privately owned by the Copple Crown Community. Those wishing to do this high point should try to get more up-to-date information regarding land ownership and approach.

From the blinker in South Wolfeboro where southbound NH 28 makes a sharp right turn, continue straight (southeast) on Middleton Road, which becomes Kings Hwy. after crossing the county line. After crossing the county line, and about 3 miles from the blinker, there will be a sign on the left for Copple Crown Community. Turn in here and follow the main road to the top of the abandoned ski lift, where it ends. Park here.

There will be a trail immediately in front of you at the parking area, heading uphill. The trail has red blazes, but they're all facing uphill; from the direction you're coming, it will appear unblazed. Hike up this trail to its intersection with a blue-blazed trail. Turn right and follow the blue blazes to the summit of Copple Crown Mountain.

From this point, you will need to bushwhack. Go generally south-southeast at first, then swing around to a south-southwest direction. (Reference to the topographic map will be very helpful here.) After reaching a relatively flat bench, head due west and finally slightly north of west, staying on the high ground. The county line is, according to the topographic map, about 60 feet below the bench; you can use this to estimate your position. If you reach the top of some low cliffs, you've almost certainly passed into Strafford County. Bob Packard and I agreed that the county line has to be up slope from these cliffs.

As you're hiking downhill and then back uphill, keep an eye out for a plastic jar with a red top and some red surveyor's ribbon. This was lying on the ground when I was there and contains a register placed there by Highpoint Club members Jim and Lyn Beattie of Rye, NH in November 1993. (This was just one month after Roy Schweiker completed the county highpoints of NH by doing this hike.) I found only one other name in the register besides those of the Beatties. Continue retracing your steps to your car. This is a total round trip hike of about 2 miles, half of it a bushwhack, with a little less than 500 feet of elevation gain. The bushwhacking is not difficult.