Strafford County High Point Trip Report

on county line SW of Copple Crown Mtn (1,700+ ft)

Date: July 11, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

For the longer, public approach, see Denis Hanson's report. I was short of time and threatened by electrical storms, so took a chance on the western approach described by Fred Lobdell in his 1998 report. This is much shorter than the eastern approach from public land. Contact me directly for details.

Once at the summit, I bushwhacked around for about an hour, following the various spurs and benches leading south and southwest toward the county line, until convinced I had crossed the county line on the highest ground possible. I never found the plastic jar register, which might be visible after the underbrush dies off. The mosquitoes mentioned by Denis Hanson had multiplied, and seemed surprisingly fond of DEET.