Strafford County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 2, 2004
Author: "Tramper Al"

I took Denis Hanson's approach from the East, as I am usually looking for the longer hike via public land, whenever possible. I did not have Roy Schweiker's notes at the time, but my findings were remarkably similar.

I also found the 0.3 mile road in from the end of pavement to the Jones Brook lot to be pretty marginal for a regular passenger car. If a reasonable place to park could be found near the end of pavement, then walking up the right hand road from the split would be preferable. That takes you right to Denis' snowmobile trail 22E junction.

I also found that it was not necessary to go all the way to the LRTC Copple Crown Mountain Conservation Area sign in order to pick up that blue-blazed trail. The forest road that the trail joins actually splits off the northwest road and in a few hundred yards that blue-blazed trail joins you from the right.

I found the red-blazed trees following a line exactly where I expected to find the county line (by GPSR). I took a small rock outcrop to be the CoHP, about 10 feet west of that line, and a hundred feet or so north of the double cairn. I looked everywhere, but did not find the 1998 canister.

In general, I liked this approach from the east very much, parking in the public lot, and encountering no prohibitive signs at all. I saw a nice wild turkey on the way up.