Sullivan County High Point Trip Report

Croydon Pk (2,756+ ft)

Date: September 5, 2003
Authors: Ken and Karen Jones

Croydon Peak is not for the casual county highpointer. While it is not technically difficult, it lies in the middle of a large private hunting preserve and access is not encouraged. People have gained legal access through contacting the land owner, signing a release, and paying a substantial fee, but the preserve manager has expressed a wish to keep these visits limited and they may be terminated at any time.

Under no circumstances should an unauthorized attempt be made to visit Croydon Peak. All approaches require multiple miles of trespassing, the preserve is home to many potentially dangerous animals, the preserve sets its own hunting season so you do not know when shooting may occur, the preserve is regularly patrolled, and even if you were to navigate these obstacles your target - the summit - is occupied by a manned lookout tower. You can count on being apprehended if you trespass to Croydon Peak, and the sheriff will expect you to remain in town for a court date.