Sullivan County Highpoint Trip Report

Croydon Peak

Date: September 2, 2005
Authors: John and Kathy Mitchler

From I-89, take exit 13 (at milepost 42) and proceed south on NH 10 for 9 miles. Turn right (west) onto paved Croydon Brook Road and go 0.2 mile. Turn right and proceed 1.7 miles to a gate. Hopefully you have made arrangements for access with the owners of the Blue Mountain Forest Association (603-863-3250). Access fee is $50 per person. Once the gate is opened (by the superintendent or by the code he gave you), proceed 0.3 mile to a farm complex that serves as the association's lodge and headquarters. Watch for boar running around.

The road to the Croydon trailhead is 3.1 miles from the farm as follows. Our large group of several cars were escorted to the trailhead parking lot, so it was prudent to note the mileages and turns to get there (and back to the farm). Leave the farm, going north on the dirt road, passing a road on the left at mile 0.4, turn left at about mile 1.6, turn right at mile 1.8, and turn left at about mile 2.8. The parking lot is at mile 3.1, on the left, and is a open grass field. Use it on dry day as you don't want to test the hill to the trailhead if it is wet or snowy. From the parking lot, go 0.6 mile and find limited parking on the left.

The trail proceeds on the right side of the road. As you near the summit, watch for a sign for a memorial for a noted author. This side trail goes to a spectacular cliff where the author's ashes were deposited. The trail ends on a summit with lookout tower and views galore.