Atlantic County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas 1,200 feet east of Rosedale (150+ ft)

Date: April 1, 2007
Authors: Sue Ann Miller and Frank Price

We drove in from the north and crossed the tracks at Francis Street, south of the crossing used in previous reports, then parked on the edge of the road by a grassy field just after the crossing. As we started to walk toward the railroad crossing, a woman came out from a house in the other direction on the road to inquire if we had car trouble. The family has young children and is rightfully concerned about strangers stopping nearby. She had no problem with a couple seeking high ground along the railroad cut but advised us not to walk in the field, for some neighbors were aggressively intolerant.

We walked the rails past the BM site on the topo and on to a white milepost that is about equidistant between road crossings and adjacent to the south side high ground. Scrambling up the slope of the north side road cut to set foot in the contour a little further on involved thorns and ticks.

We returned to our vehicle then drove around to the 15th street crossing, the approach described in previous reports. It appeared as described but following the path through the woods could result in collecting more ticks than walking the rails and scrambling up the cut. Straight tracks offer reasonable warning of oncoming trains.