Bergen County Highpoint Trip Report

Bald Mtn (1,164 ft)

Date: April 16, 2006
Authors: Sue Ann Miller and Frank Price

This location is best described with "D" words - Developing and Dumps. Delightful also applied to the weather and dry ground on the spring day we visited. It was one of those times when temperatures are becoming friendlier than they have been, just before leaves pop to obscure views, and the sun shines brightly through clear skies. We make a point of using as many of those ephemeral days as we can catch.

Previous descriptions for the easiest approach from NJ still hold. An update is that Stag Hill Road has been paved recently and good pavement extends through the community of Spring Pond and probably further than in previous reports. We passed many new homes and a McMansion or two under construction, then gravel road continues winding past some less elegant scenery. Our CRV allowed us to motor carefully over rocks a sedan would hang up on but we still stopped conservatively short of the summit and walked the last bit.

Highpointers driving southbound on the Thruway can spot the microwave tower on Bald Mountain. It is visible in the hills above where the Thruway turns sharply east and heads for the Tappan Zee bridge; after exit 15a and before exit 15.