Camden County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 10, 2001
Author: Fred Lobdell

one area 0.5 mile south of New Freedom (220+ ft)

The area in the sand and gravel quarry, which would be the county HP if it still existed, appears to have been mined away. We drove into the quarry and over to the highest remaining natural ground, which we ascended. (It has been my experience, in a number of quarries pursuing both this hobby and fossil collecting, that as long as you stay away from the active operation, no one will bother you. This quarry, which was operating on this Saturday morning, was no exception.) While Mike Schwartz and I agreed that the former HP was probably carted away in dump trucks, I wouldn't mind having another opinion on this one.

USGS BM 0.75 miles northwest of Marlton Lakes (219 ft)

This is probably the true HP of Camden County. The bench mark is still there, in a patch of woods. This area may be developed in the future, but as of now development is proceeding very deliberately.

one area 1.25 miles northwest of Marlton Lakes (210+ ft)

As Mike noted in his previous report, the HP is not obvious, but appears to be on the property of #14 or #16 Tenby Chase Rd. This development is not shown on the topo.