Camden County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 24, 2004
Author: Mike Schwartz

USGS BM 3/4 mile northwest of Marlton Lakes (219 ft)

Another approach to this area: Off Cooper Road, about one mile southeast of its junction with NJ 73, see sign for construction entrance to the "Summit," a housing development. Signs warn against trespassing, but this area has not changed since at least 1999. I've seen numerous people using the area for recreation, and no security types whatsoever.

Once on the property, follow the dirt road to the far side of the large clearing and park near the woods. Pick up a woods path leading uphill, follow to the crest, then bear right and bushwhack to the summit. Look around to find the witness post and benchmark, very close to the highest point. Tick check mandatory.

one area 1 1/4 miles northwest of Marlton Lakes (210+ ft)

Directions have not changed. After six visits, I've come to regard the front lawn of #14 Tenby Chase as the highest ground. No need to visit the flat backyard(s).

one area 1/2 mile south of New Freedom (220+ ft on the topo chart)

I have visited this area with GPS device, and the former highpoint is now well out into the flat sand pit, is lower than the undisturbed rim of the pit, and is definitely well below 220 feet. No visit necessary.