Cumberland County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 8, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

seven areas 3 miles north of Seabrook (140+ ft)

See Salem County trip report for starting point. Continue south on NJ 77, and after passing the Salem/Cumberland line, go 1.1 miles to a left turn onto Griers Lane. Park about 100 yards east and walk south across sod farm to the westernmost of the 7 areas. Next, continue east on Griers Lane to 1.3 miles, and wander the field to the north for the large contour north of the road. Minimal gain. For the very large contour to the south, continue east on Griers to 1.5 miles, and go south on a good farm road to a low crest at about 1.8 miles, where a muddy track road heads west. From here, we walked the track road past a generator and fuel tank, dipped down a bit, and then climbed SW to surprisingly obvious high ground. From this prominent point, all seven areas are visible, and eyeball and hand level both confirmed that this was the monarch of the Cumberland Seven. The farmer drove by as we wandered this area and paid us no attention.

one area at Northville (140+ ft)

From the previous area, continue south on the farm road to a paved road, go left for about 1/2 mile, then right (south) on Burlington Road to Northville. Go left at Weber Road for about 1/10 mile to a low crest among a group of houses, with highest ground at or near #49.

one area 1 3/4 miles east of Seabrook (140+ ft)

From Northville, go south 1.0 miles on Burlington Road to a left turn onto Fox Road. At 1.6 miles, a posted paved road leads to a low crest about 200' south of Fox Road. Past the crest is a fenced dump/landfill entrance which apparently is the reason for the posting. High ground is very close to the paved access road. The landfill was locked and deserted.

three areas 2 miles southwest of Beals Mill (140+ ft)

From NJ 77, go west on CR 540 about 3 miles to a left (south) onto Harmony-Cohansey Road. For the two smaller areas., park alongside Cohansey Road and cross the field east toward high ground. It was difficult to differentiate the two separate areas and hand leveling southwest toward the largest area was inconclusive. For the largest area, drive further south on Cohansey Road to its crest and walk west along a row of evergreens to high ground marked by posts and two bird houses.