Cumberland County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 10, 2001
Author: Fred Lobdell

It is quite easy to combine the 12 areas of Cumberland County and the 10 areas of adjacent Salem County into one half-day trip. Most of these areas are on some sort of farm field, so it is best to visit between fall harvest and spring planting. We were fortunate that it has been a dry fall in New Jersey, and the fields were not at all muddy.

seven areas 3 miles north of Seabrook

We visited the area on the sod farm, which is the westernmost of the 7 areas. Next we went out into a corn field on the north side of the road, to the west and north of a farmstead. After that we drove a dirt road (not shown on the topo) south into a farm field and then east to the end of a large irrigation machine. Here we parked and walked up along a rough grassy area between two fields, which rose to a fairly well-defined (for this part of the world) high area. This area was clearly a foot or two higher than the fields on either side, which have probably been lowered by wind erosion. From here we could see the tiny area immediately west of this area, the small area to the southeast, and the two areas directly north of us, on the west side of a driveway into another farmstead. All of these other areas were clearly lower, and in fact could not be distinguished as high areas at all. I concur with Mike Schwartz that this is probably the highest of these 7 areas, although it was not possible to see the corn field on the north side of the road as it was concealed behind a farmstead. It was certainly higher than any of the other areas, all of which could be seen from here, although I would recommend visiting the area on the sod farm anyway. The elevation of this highest part of this large area probably exceeds 145 feet.

one area at Northville

Follow Mike's previous trip report. The high ground appears to be near a fence between two houses.

one area 1.75 miles east of Seabrook

Follow Mike's report here, too.

three areas 2 miles southwest of Beals Mills

The two areas east of Harmony - Cohassey Road appeared to be on opposite sides of a small patch of woods, a windbreak. The first area we visited, closer to the road, appeared to be the higher of the two. For the third area, west of the road, follow Mike's directions.