Cumberland County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 30, 2002
Author: Dan Case

six areas in Upper Deerfield Township (140+ ft)

Continue down NJ 77 from the peach orchard in Salem County. You cross into Cumberland County two miles further on after a couple of traffic lights and reach Griers. This area must have changed since previous visits. I headed straight for the farm road described but did not see anything that qualified before I crossed back into Salem County. I did, however, see a very high (for here, anyway) crest of land at about the point of the contour in question. It seems as if the sod farmer here has turned this area into two new fields and eliminated any wood lots. This may make this group easier.

You can find where the farm road used to be, an unplanted, slightly elevated grassy strip between two very large sod fields, intersecting Griers Lane at about the same point shown on the map opposite dead-end Layton Road to the north. You can park near here and walk about a thousand feet or so out to the very visible crest, where the land below drops off quite visibly, and agree that you're at the highest of these areas.

49 Weber Road

Since the farm road no longer seems to exist, just keep going down Griers, into Salem County, until you reach Old Burlington Road, or County 648, then turn right and re-enter Cumberland and follow existing directions. High ground seems to be along the east fence line of #49, although the vacant, junky lot on the east side could offer some contenders. The adjoining house has a small dog that watched me but did little else.

Fox Road abandoned landfill

No change in directions or ease of access. High ground is alongside the paved road just where the turnout before the gate begins. There may be some others in the area, but they look to be the result of the construction.

Beals Mill areas

Backtrack north on 648 until you get to 540 (can't remember road name at this point). Turn left, go past 77 and follow Mike Schwartz's directions. Since it was late and I was getting cold and tired and it was almost dark and I still had almost 200 miles left to drive and a napping child in the car, I wound up only doing the more accessible area at the end of the evergreen row. It looks to be higher than the other two, which could be accessed, it seems, via a farm road and abandoned farmhouse nearby. I had really had enough walking through barren fields for one day.