Cumberland County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 24, 2004
Author: Mike Schwartz

This updates my February 2001 report.

seven areas 3 miles north of Seabrook (140+ ft)

To reach the prominent highpoint of the largest area, use Dan Case's report. Park opposite the driveway to some greenish looking farm buildings, hike along the grassy strip between two fields to the very obvious highpoint, and survey your domain below.

three areas 2 miles southwest of Beals Mill (140+ ft)

With the help of GPS, I've positively differentiated the two smaller areas on the east side of Harmony-Cohansy Road. Hike across the open field (winter only) to the visible highpoint, then continue through the tree line into the tree farm beyond, where the high ground will be obvious. That high ground is the second of the small areas.

No changes to other areas.