Cumberland County Highpoint Trip Report

12 areas (140+ ft)

Date: September 23, 2006
Author: Don Desrosiers

When Fred Lobdell stated that you could get this and Salem County in a half day, I was skeptical. It turned out my skepticism was misplaced.

landfill area east of Seabrook - I thought the area to the east in the soybean field was as high if not higher.

area at Northville - I can work with #49. Touch and go.

seven areas north of Seabrook - On NJ 77 there is a blue camping sign at Griers Lane. Otherwise, the street sign is small. Drove on a dirt road south to the larger area and walked up the small hill to the top. I could see the areas to the north, west, and southeast and I was clearly higher. For the area to the northwest, it was planted in corn. You could see a slight rise toward the middle of the area. I walked in a ways but found nothing of significance. Previous reports indicated it is lower than the larger area anyway.

three areas near Hopewell - The large area is a tree nursery. I felt the highest ground was to the east of the road. Scoping to the northeast indicated the other two areas were clearly lower.