Essex County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 11, 2001
Author: Dan Case

I was able to visit the other area in this county that I believe is the serious contender for HP - the one I referred to in my previous report as the North Caldwell area, the water tower south of the old county sanitarium in that municipality.

Last time, on New Year's Day, there was a foot of fresh snow making this ascent implausible without snowshoes (which I did have but didn't feel like putting on). Now that was almost all melted away.

I sort of bushwhacked up. The road from the gate at the end of Glenview is brushed out at a certain point where it gets close to the open grass and fence next to the county jail annex. I suspect that might be to discourage its use in escape attempts. I used the open area for part of the trip back even though the road continues up to the tower, as it's very neglected past the brushing-in.

The highest ground is next to a maple tree just north of the tower. The road continues on to the north, suggesting it might well be possible to do this in combination with the sanitarium area. In fact, fresh four-wheeler and/or dirt bike tracks attest to others doing this.

I didn't go, however, because my observations from the Claridge House parking lot (near the other leading candidate) lead me to believe that this water tower is higher than the old sanitarium. I didn't see enough of a rise to the north from here to convince me otherwise.