Essex County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 4, 2006
Author: Don Desrosiers

The worst part of this county was the traffic on Bloomfield Avenue. It is rumored to be very bad on Saturdays before Christmas. Previous trip reports will get you in to the vicinity.

The area off of Claridge Avenue was a simple access, although climbing over the fence provided us with the closest we came to breaking a sweat all day.

The area off of Fellswood was rather a pain to get to. Large piles of leaves and parked cars made for a narrow street approach. The area was more overgrown than Mike Schwartz remembered but otherwise not a difficult access.

The two areas at the County Sanatorium may present access issues in the future. The recreation area parking lot is being expanded (good so far) but fresh surveyors tape and construction equipment may spell the end of easy access to this point (the other shoe drops). Talking with several other folks in the park, it is believed that the county has sold this property and it seriously looks like it will be developed. The high ground near the Sanatorium was obvious in the mowed field. Since the area had been developed, where the real point is remains open to interpretation.

To get to the water tower area north of the county penitentiary, walk on the dirt road that runs generally along the ridge. This road will take you right where you want to go after about 800 yards. From there it is pretty much a straight shot northwest through the open woods back to the car.