Essex County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas 1.75 miles southeast of the sanitarium (660+ ft)

Date: November 15, 2006
Author: Michael Schwartz

The smaller of the two areas, about 1/4 south-southwest of the larger, was only recently discovered. To reach it, drive north on NJ 23 from its intersection with CR-506, Bloomfield Avenue. After just a bit less than 0.4 mile, turn right (southeast) onto Nassau Road and take it a few blocks uphill to a T-intersection with Crestmont Road. Turn left (northast) and stay on Crestmont, which becomes a private road/driveway serving several homes and establishments. Follow the main driveway to the large building identified as the Salvatorian Fathers Mission House. Notice a nice rock outcrop to the right rear of the building, which is possible high ground, and then drive around to the left rear of the building to a parking area on high ground, which GPS says is the center of the tiny contour.

The area is gently posted but I saw no one and your visit will only take a couple of minutes. After retracing the route down Nassau to NJ 23, turn right and proceed 0.2 mile to a right turn onto Claridge Drive, the access for the northern area, described in previous trip reports.