Hudson County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: November 4, 2006
Author: Don Desrosiers

We made several interesting turns to get to these points. Mike Schwartz was apologetic but I appreciated the opportunity to take the "scenic tourist route". Truth be told, we probably only went about a mile extra and the neighborhood was fairly interesting. We came in from the west along NJ 3.

The area on 67th wasn't really obvious. This point could rival any of the Queen Anne MD points when it comes to "subtle" but things do tend to fall away from the vicinity (a hastily chosen word) of #568.

We rigorously scoped out the area in Guttenberg. I stood close to 70th (5-6 feet lower than the HP) and Mike walked down the middle of the street. Based on our observations, the highest ground appeared to be in the street in front of #6805. We discounted the sidewalks because they are known to be artificially built-up. With all that said, walking from 6819 to 6805 and back isn't going to take you very long.