Hunterdon County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 4, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

1 point 2000' southwest of Camp Biesler

From County Route 513 in Califon (originally named California, but corrupted to Califon), take Sliker Road NW for 1.6 miles to Pleasant Grove Road. Bear right and go 0.5 miles to the entrance for a county park. Park. Cross Pleasant Grove Road and a field, and hike into the woods, bushwhacking to the highest point.

On county line 400' northeast of USGS BM Smith

From the county park entrance, continue on Pleasant Grove Road 1.8 miles to a left turn onto Ascot Drive. Go 0.7 miles, keeping right on Ascot, which loops back onto itself, and park about 100 feet short of the crest, before house #46. Walk right about 200 feet to obvious high ground. Look for a large boulder trending north-south, with a 10" diameter tree about eight feet east. The benchmark is about another eight feet east of the tree, on a square concrete base, almost flush with the ground. It's not on the highest ground and is overgrown during summer. Reference marks are on boulders ten meters NE and 21 meters WNW of BM Smith. The Morris-Hunterdon County line crosses the hill about 400' NE of the bench mark. Development on Ascot Drive is still ongoing, and if houses are built on the three lots between #38 and #46, easy access to the high point may be blocked. None of this recent development is shown on current topo.