Middlesex County High Point Trip Report

one area 0.5 mile NW of Sand Hills (300+ ft)

Date: November 10, 2001
Author: Dan Case

It's better to take US 1 to the Sand Hills Road intersection instead of NJ 27 as Woodgate Drive is much closer to that side - about half a mile up a gradual slope. You can see the water tower and bump ahead down the very straight highway practically from Johnson & Johnson headquarters.

Per Mike Schwartz's directions, I went to 7 Zev Court (obviously the highest house in this little development) and found the homeowners in residence. A blonde woman with a slight European accent came to the door and told me that, yes, I could go in the woods, but I should wait for her to come around the side as they had a dog. And brother, do they have a dog. A huge Alaskan malamute with a pretty fearsome bark, even on a leash. I definitely would not sneak through this backyard. I understood perfectly why she wanted to partially escort me.

Despite the heavy leaf cover, I could see that a track of some kind left the yard to the north. It was a hundred or so feet along it and the relatively level ground to a mound which satisfied my aspirations for the HP. I returned and thanked her for the opportunity.

As I returned to the car, I couldn't help but wonder about some garage-like structures I saw further down the track. One could, if needed, come uphill from some of the houses along the south side of Woodgate just after turning off Sand Hills, but this other structure did not seem so obvious. Yet, it was a possible alternate route should access be a problem on some future visit. So I found where the structures were. They belong to some tree-related business at 145 Sand Hills Road. It seems like you could conceivably reach the HP with similar ease if the landowner was willing (a house is also located on the property). There's a church right across the street that also would allow parking.

Lastly, a gravel road called Pinter Lane may well be a private street, but also seems like it could be used to shorten the trip to the HP.