Middlesex County High Point Trip Report

one area 1/2 mile northwest of Sand Hills (300+ ft)

Date: August 13, 2003
Author: Mike Schwartz

This updates my previous report, simplifying access. On Sandhills Road, 0.3 mile north of US 1, opposite the church, turn into the commercial-looking driveway at #145. These buildings are occupied by South Brunswick Contracting, owned by Mr. Carl Bercuda. He was amused by my quest and had thought the county highpoint was at the nearby water tank at US 1. He has no problem with highpointers walking around the garages to enter the woods at the left rear. The highpoint is a very short stroll through brushy woods, requiring only caution to avoid canine souvenirs.

If there is activity at the garages, try to find Mr. Bercuda to keep our welcome current. If he's not present, just tell the workers you have permission to enter the woods.