Middlesex County Highpoint Trip Report

one area 1/2 mile northwest of Sand Hills (300+ ft)

Date: March 31, 2007
Authors: Sue Ann Miller and Frank Price

Pinter Lane is definitely the easiest access and it is easy to find. A pattern of newer, paved development roads has been created but older gravel roads remain. Pinter Lane is one of those older roads. It is signed and public and it leaves Old Beckman Road just before Sand Hills Road takes off on the same (south) side. There is room to park and walk up the leafy slope without bothering any landowners. There were no Posted signs to stop us on this fine March day before leaves had emerged to make navigation more difficult. After visiting the high ground, we drove the circle around it by continuing on to Woodgate, turned up the Zev Court cul de sac but did not stop, then returned to Woodgate to exit via Sandhill, then on to Mercer County.

We recommend using Google Earth for pre-trip research to update and expand on what topo maps and DeLorme show. This area of New Jersey was photographed on a leafless day and all the roads are marked and named.