Morris County High Point Trip Report

Bowling Green Mtn (1,380+ ft)

Date: November 14, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

In my opinion, and after discussions with the Morris County cartographer, the 1,395-foot area northwest of Bowling Green Mountain is the true county highpoint. Surveyors hired by the county measured Bowling Green Mountain at 1,381 feet, within an accuracy of +/- 2 feet. However, if you must go to this area, drive 0.6 mile north of the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation picnic area entrance on Weldon Road to a gated entrance to a former ski area. This is now an undeveloped section of the Reservation and is open to hiking.

Park near the gate and hike across the large open area toward the mountain. Drop down slightly at the end of the open area and take any of several old ski trails or jeep roads directly up Bowling Green Mountain. The jeep road I took crested the mountain very near the summit, which I thought was a large, climbable boulder just off the crest. Hike to the summit takes about 15-20 minutes.