Ocean County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 24, 2004
Author: Mike Schwartz

This updates my report of February 1999.

one area 1 3/4 miles northwest of Archers Corner (230+ ft)

Not-so-new home sits right on the highpoint, I confess to not having contacted the homeowner, having done five touch-and-runs unscathed.

one area 1 1/4 miles west of Archers Corner (230+ ft)

Hemlock Drive now extends beyond the original cul-de-sac into a new development, and an additional house, #1 Hemlock, was built during 2003. For now, the space between #1 and the new development remains open, and may continue to be a "no-man's land", affording access to the wooded hill.

I started my bushwhack about 100 feet further along Hemlock than before, well past house #1, and bashed through the nuisance laurel to the rather indistinct top. This hill and Arneys Mount in Burlington County are the NJ cohp tick champions, and are best done in cold weather.

three areas two miles northwest of Archers Corner (230+ ft)

North Stump Tavern Road now has a housing development at the point where it narrows and starts uphill. If the one-lane sandy road is passable, drive to the crest and pull into the rough track to the right. If not, park at the end of the good road, cut through the open woods to the sandy road, and hike to the crest. At the start of the rough track, you'll see a prominent hump. That is manmade, and GPS verifies it is not the southernmost of the three areas.

Beyond the hump, GPS places the southernmost area in the low swale before you. Continue beyond to the next bump and continue into the woods along the low ridge line. GPS places the middle of the three areas pretty much on the next bump and it places the northernmost area further into the woods where the ground has already started to descend. My conclusion is that the entire area has been disturbed, and that the three areas no longer exist as discrete bumps. Walk to the highest ground beyond the swale and call it good.