Passaic County High Point Trip Report

one point 2,000 feet north of Terrace Pond (1,480+ ft)

Date: March 14, 2004
Author: Michael Schwartz

I revisited this point via an easier route. The previous approach from the north is longer (0.36 mile from the pipeline right of way), and requires tougher bushwhacking and crossing several ridges. This approach is shorter (0.23 mile from the Terrace Pond Trail), and requires either zero or one ridge crossing. The only tricky part is knowing which of the multitude of ridges to take north from the trail.

As you hike up the blue-blazed Terrace Pond Trail, you will pass a very prominent rounded bare fin of rock, which presents an irresistible scramble to the top for a great view. Beyond the rock, cross a large wet area on boards and logs. Continue hiking and eventually reach a small wet area crossed by three logs, beyond which is a sheer four-foot high mini-cliff. You will now be on a low ridge, which drops off more deeply beyond, then rises to another ridge. That ridge leads directly to the highpoint, but is considerably more difficult to bushwhack than the ridge you are on. I recommend taking the first ridge and crossing over to the highpoint ridge when your GPS indicates you're getting very close to the highpoint. If you don't have a GPS, take the highpoint ridge directly to be sure to know when you've reached the highpoint.

From the trail, the highpoint area is 0.23 mile distant on a bearing of 042 degrees true. Bushwhack north on the low "first" ridge, keeping right initially. Look for a pink surveyor's ribbon about 100 feet north. The highpoint bump has a small cairn, and a faded remnant of the circular orange blaze. Backtrack south to the trail and head up to Terrace Pond to visit the other five areas.

GPS-derived field coordinates for the junction of the trail and the "first", easier-bushwhack ridge are (41.14111° N, 74.39618 ° W) using the NAD27 datum.