Salem County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 10, 2001
Author: Fred Lobdell

The 10 areas of Salem County can easily be combined with the 12 areas of Cumberland County in one half-day trip. As these areas are all fairly close together, I would recommend this course of action.

two areas 1.5 miles west of Whig Lane

I concur with Mike Schwartz's judgment that the ground in front of #185 Swedesboro Road is the highest in the entire area. The highest ground appears to be under a large tree right by the road. The ground clearly sloped down in all directions from here, and sight distance was good. The small area to the south of the road was clearly lower than the area in front of #185.

two areas 4 miles west of Elmer

Mike is quite right that the small area east of the road is obviously lower than the large area west of it. We drove back into the orchard and walked around, but the high ground here is quite indistinct.

three areas 2 miles west of Elmer

Mike's trip report is still good here. I agree with him that the highest area is just north of the now abandoned gravel pit, which is overgrown with trees and other vegetation. (This is the middle area of the three shown on the topo.) The westernmost of the three areas doesn't appear to exist; the ground slopes down quite clearly in that direction. The small easternmost area is also a bit lower than the central area.

three areas 3 miles east of Woodstown

Mike's trip report is still good here, too. I agree that the high area for the northernmost of these areas is in the corn field near the road. As Mike says, the two bumps in the field that are the two southern areas are not obvious, but we walked around in this field anyway.