Salem County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 30, 2002
Author: Dan Case

seven areas in five sets in Upper Pittsgrove Township (160+ ft)

After crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge on I-295, wait until absolutely the last exit before the NJ Turnpike toll booths to go east on US 40 across some of the flattest, most open ground in the state to Woodstown, about 10 miles away. The road starts as a divided four-lane road but reverts to two after a few miles. You will pass Cowtown Rodeo, one of the largest and oldest such facilities in the US and a major cornerstone of the local economy during the season. Just before Woodstown, stay alert when NJ 45 joins the road and you must bear left to stay on 40. Keep going past Woodstown to get to the first area. You will notice the topography finally begins to relieve itself.

305 Whig Lane Road

A couple of miles past Woodstown, turn left on Avis Mill Road. When it ends at Whig Lane Road, take a right. The rise in the fields to the south and the brick house and driveway show up within a half-mile or so. You can drive most any kind of car (assuming dry weather, I guess) about halfway down to the crest. Ground on the eastern side seems to be noticeably higher.

two other Woodstown areas

Follow Mike Schwartz's directions, but note road name changes: 581 is now Commissioners Pike and 619 is now known as Glassboro Road. Pull off the road past the end of the snow fence. You'll see two pipes sticking up a few hundred feet north at the bump(s), looking sort of like this: "| |" . I don't know what they're for; they don't quite look like wells.

Walk out to them through soybean field. Nearby you will see several possible candidates for high ground (these all seem to be in the western of the two bumps). I like the one along the sort of road heading off to the west, but take what you like.

581 Swedesboro Road

Note correct address for this drive-up. Otherwise, nothing too different to note really; high ground seems to me to be next to tree opposite house. Swedesboro can be followed into Elmer, where it becomes North Main Street. The map had led me to believe I could get back out to 40 closer to the next two areas.

old gravel pit lip opposite Stella Farms II

Parking available at farm, though I preferred a little further up the road. Back of pit (slowly growing in) is about a thousand feet from car. Highest ground was at some sort of well-type thing; did not see any competition from nearby areas.

peach orchard on NJ 77

I would take the third row down from the house and follow it in more like 0.2 mile to the high ground. Checked at the power line cut on the other area, too, but it definitely seems higher here. Note that an orchard can, even if bare, be a visually tricky place to assess elevation relative to other points.