Salem County Highpoint Trip Report

10 areas (160+ ft)

Date: September 23, 2006
Author: Don Desrosiers

two areas near U.S. 40 and NJ 581 - Based on binoculars from 581, these two areas no longer go over 160. Ignore by inspection (IBI).

area on Whig Lane - The area has not been developed yet (see Trapper Robbins's report). Driveway ran very close to highest ground. Touch and go.

three areas near Stella Farms - IBI.

two areas 4 miles west of Elmer - Found the stucco house but continued south to the power lines on Colson Road (Daretown Shirley Road on topo). Finding the highest ground in an orchard is an iffy proposition at best but I liked the area reasonably close to the power lines. This was confirmed by standing on the gravel pile at the plant nursery to the north on 77 near the 134 spot elevation.

two areas east of Whig Lane - I can work with #185 Swedesboro. I felt the highest ground was closer to County 648. Effective touch and go. Gravel pit area was clearly lower.