Somerset County High Point Trip Report

600' south of USGS BM Chapin on Mine Mountain (860+ ft)

Date: July 2000
Author: Dan Case

I headed west on 78 to County Road 525 at Exit 33, really a matter of convenience for me. Exit 26B on I- 287 will put you closer for this approach, though, if you're not traveling around the state.

Follow 525 past more post-AT&T (now Lucent and Ayana, or whatever) buildings into downtown Bernardsville and continue onward along Anderson Road, then Mendham Road. For some reason there are no signs reassuring you you're on 525 until you're three miles out, into horse country and the old and new estates people seem to be building. You will cross into Morris County and reach the Bliss Road turnoff. Follow the rest of Mike Schwartz's directions.

However, there seems to be a new stone wall on the north side of Claremount Road and thus there's practically no place to park. I had to settle for the road going left at the nearby four-way intersection (the road heading straight is conveniently named Chapin, just like the BM).

Getting to the HP is easy, though. The driveway to the left veers away from the house. At about where the surface changes from pavement to gravel, you'll see the high ground off to the right a hundred feet away. It's easily marked by a large maple tree, a small stump nearby and a huge pile of brush behind them. The ground is actually quite clear.

Looking at the map, it occurs to me that when approaching from Bernardsville the Bliss Road route is not necessary and Ballentine Road will get you there. But I didn't have the map handy, so I just followed the directions (and don't think you can figure your way through these twisty pastoral roads if you're not familiar with the area -- they can very easily get you to believe you're going in a different direction than that you actually are). In fact, you can pick up Claremount Road near downtown Bernardsville.