Warren County High Point Trip Report

two points 1 mile west of Mount Vernon (1,600+ ft)

Date: July 21, 2001
Author: Trapper Robbins

Mike Schwartz's information is correct but we thought that hiking distances would be useful. The upper picnic area (1000+ ft) is still well below the reservoir (1500+ ft). From the gate, walk 1 mile on paved road to the reservoir, then 0.5 mile left on the gravel road to the fence corner. It is another 0.5 mile or more to get the COHP candidates.

We actually ended up doing a 3rd point because we weren't sure if we had hit the first one correctly.

Total walking distance is ~4m with 600' gain. This might be a good one to take a bike on (lock it to the fence at the end of the gravel road).

We saw a black bear while walking up the road.