Chaves County High Point Trip Report

One Tree Peak (7,089 ft)

Date: March 18, 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

From Dunken take the Cuevo Canyon road (good dirt) for about 8 miles to the Chimney Lake Road junction. Head south on Chimney Lake. Keep an eye for signs pointing to the various side canyons. You want Sunflower Canyon, but the sign was busted; I found it by relating it to nearby signs and features.

Park off the road. Cross fence and hike up Sunflower Canyon about 1 mile, then hike up the slope through the sparse junipers to the summit. Pretty much a line-of-sight hike. Very nice views, and again, the register held four names (the same ones on the Eddy register).

I learned a good lesson: eating a Big Mac meal just before a hike sometimes has its downside. The weather was awesome.