De Baca County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 27, 2000
Author: Walt O'Neil

I took the long trek from the Denver down I-25 to Las Vegas, NM and slithered down to Vaughn and followed Scott Surgent's directions, which were excellent. I parked at the base of the mesa and did the 180' gain in 13 minutes round trip.

Some comments:

1. The turnoff for De Baca off Rt. 60 is one-tenth of a mile east of mile marker 293.
2. The mesas are visible from each other-a distance of approx. 25 miles.
3. Don't get fooled in Vaughn by E. Main St., which you come to first (which also has an RV park).
There is no connection between East and West Main Streets -- a first in my book.
4. Because of the maze of roads in the area and having a topo that didn't extend to the 6.3 area in Jobe Wymore's description, it was easy to get disoriented. On the way out I noticed that you could take a jeep road straight at the 6.3 point and head right up the mesa and save some driving.