Eddy County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 2000
Author: Jobe Wymore

I decided to rookie it and rolled up with just a trip report. About a couple of hours of pure torture on the rental car later I finally found the point where the brick sized rocks with trees covering them are. I might add that they're white. Well, where I went wrong was I should have hung a right about 0.3 miles down the round that starts at the turnaround and head down FR 201 instead of staying to the main worn road that swung to the left at that point. Oops. Next time I'll do a little more research.

Well, that's not where the fun ended. Got pretty close to where the road ended, parked, hiked down to the point where I could scan the area and just looked. Saw a peak that looked like it should be the highest and just aimed for it. Walked through a drainage/dried river and hit a low barbed wire fence perched close to a saddle. Walked south up the ridge through all kinds of stuff, getting knicked here and there along the way.

Once I got to the top I saw this little cairn and a log supported upright with a rock. BUT NO REGISTER! I thought to myself, "I know they said there was a register." I looked around and saw higher peaks south and just started thinking to myself, "what if I climbed/hiked the wrong peak!" I walked to the other side of this little hill I was on to another point on it which looked like just maybe it would be higher. No Register there either! Walked back to the point where the cairn was and looked everywhere. For some reason I decided to tear apart the cairn and there it was. Just like opening the shell of a clam and seeing a beautiful pearl inside. What a wonderful sight that pill bottle! Saw names on the envelope and put mine on the back since others had filled up the one side.

On the way down is where the real fun began when I slipped and put my leg into a Letchagia Plant (is that how you spell it?). Blood just flowed, and flowed, and flowed. You get the point. Just want to warn whoever goes up there next that if they see a rock about 40 feet below the summit solid red not to think an animal sacrifice took place. Just me. Had to wipe the hands somewhere. Spared the rental from anymore torture and took my winnings on "The Rim" and bailed out of there into Chaves County (where I got a flat tire).