Eddy County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 27, 2001
Author: David Olson

Take state highway 137 toward El Paso Gap and Dog Canyon. At about 3.5 miles past Queen, turn left onto Guadalupe Ridge Road. Enjoy the viewpoints looking over Dog Canyon. The 1.5 miles before Camp Wilderness Ridge are rough. At the sign Camp Wilderness Ridge Trail with an arrow straight ahead, you should go right. The remaining road is about 0.7 mile long. Drive as much as you dare and walk the rest. The view south is disorienting and disagreeable.

Hike south-ish down the slope. At the cliff band, I went right and found a cairned trail down to the first saddle. Go around or over hillock 7139 to the second saddle, then hike up the north ridge of the big HP hill. You will eventually find a beaten path that leads left past the last cliffs. Make note of the top of the trail and hike the last bit to the top.