Guadalupe County High Point Trip Report

Mesa Leon

Date: November 28, 1997
Author: Dave Olson

I made two trips to this county HP. On the first trip, April 5th 1997, we drove in at the ranch entrance, south-west corner of T6NR16E s.16, el. 5987, through the open gate, past the ranch house and up the south mesa road to the corner at 6125'. We hiked up to BM Leon and back. We did not notice the second possible HP area one-half mile west of BM Leon.

On Nov. 28th 1997 I drove back and tried again. A ranch hand refused me entrance, said I would have to talk with the boss before he would allow me in, so I drove to the southwest corner of s.34, el. 5826, and north one-half mile and hiked two miles up to the second area from there.

There are no surprises and the slope near the 2nd area is gentle - hence high probability that BM Leon is the HP. The diagonal dirt road across s.35 was open and probably would have given a shorter hike by 7/10ths of a mile.