Guadalupe County High Point Trip Report

Mesa Leon (6,339 ft)

Date: March 15, 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

Arrived in Vaughn at 5 pm, with about 1 hour of good sunlight remaining, but a large front was moving in and occluding the setting sun. Hoped for a quickie up Mesa Leon but had trouble finding Road 4F leading out of town, so I decided to take a hotel for the night. Awoke next morning to snow! Very wet, big flaky stuff.

Decided to give Leon another whirl. Found the road and proceeded to point 5826 at south end but was met by a locked gate. Then proceeded to point 5987 at west end of ranch. Passed through gate and drove up the tracks amid much blowing snow and zero visibility. So far, no problem. But the road petered out and I couldn't see the top.

Nevertheless, I hiked a little bit in (about 0.5 mile), but gave up and returned to my truck. Driving out was interesting: a herd of cattle stood on the track! I had to slowly inch forward until they would figure me out and move aside. Alas, an unsuccessful attempt. I'll go back some other time.